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01/21/2003 Archived Entry: "How to avoid poverty"

On the Political Front:

I hope everyone is carefully shepherding their resources these days. With inflation of the money supply to finance the War on terrorism and the vast diversion of productive assets (including human ones) to that cause, I fear terrible economic times ahead.

Altho' you might want to skip the first two steps, the following article by Gary North provides common sense steps by which anyone (not merely the African-Americans mentioned in the title) can avoid poverty. I also strongly recommend the book "Surviving Terrorism" by Jarret Wollstein. I carefully adhere to the advice given in several chapters, and have done so for years.

It is official. There were antiwar protests on all 7 continents over the weekend. Here is the human peace sign that was formed in Antarctica -- the one continent I thought would give protest a pass. In addition...an article from "a rookie antiwar protester who comments on the dismal news coverage of the antiwar events provided by the US media.

On a more positive note, here is a good commentary on how to organize for peace Winning Hearts and Minds for Peace in the Heartland.

On the Personal Front:

This week's FOX News column is up! Feel free to reprint/repost or distribute it with the source and author properly credited. In fact, I would appreciate your doing so.

After the incredible stress of transferring ifeminists.com -- an still-ongoing process in which both Brad and Louis James have been knights-in-shining-armor -- I have come to a conclusion. From now on: it is Brad and me against the world, and we've got 'em surrounded! Time to cleave to the 90% good elements of my life and loosen my hold on the crazy-making ones. I reached this conclusion not only through talks with Brad over the last few days but also upon receiving an email from a good friend, Anne I., this morning. I've allowed us to fall out of touch for a few weeks. And, yet, that's what life is about...or should be...keeping track of friends, family, and living as honestly as you can, without pomp or pretention. Always reserve the largest part of who you are for friends and loved ones.

Why is it I feel the approach of a quote from Gracian, my favorite strategist for living? ;-)..."In all things, use from a reserve stock. You should never employ your entire fortune, nor draw on your last ounce of energy for a single effort. Even have a reserve of knowledge, for it doubles your advantage. Always have something on which to call when things seem to go wrong -- the reserve troops are often worth more than those in the first attack, both in bravery and in honor. One should follow the advice to go always secured. In this teaching is that puzling paradox of truth; the half -- if it is reserved -- is worth more than the whole."

Stay warm and safe, my friends,

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