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01/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Back at the computer..."

On the Political Front:

Dirty tactics are what I expect as counter-argument to controversial views these days.

Perhaps I am jaded by the many personal accusations thrown at me for holding "this" or "that" position. (At least, NOW has ceased the folly of trying to damage my marriage by circulating entirely fictional accounts of indiscretions. Odd how an email with the words "constructive notice" and a demand for evidence can make rumor disappear.) I no longer expect people to answer arguments with facts or logic. I expect ad hominem...which literally means "against the man." Or woman. Of course, not all ad hominems are false. I lead what must appear to be a boring life. One woman's boredom is another's paradise: I happen to think that living on a farm, sitting beside the same man for the rest of my life (if it is Brad), with my nose buried in books is pretty hot stuff. Unfortunately, former UN inspector Scott Ritter may not be so boring. The ad hominems being spread about him may be true. I don't know. I do know they are being publicized because of his stand on Iraq. I do know they have no relevance to his stand on Iraq. To even infer that they do constitutes an evasion of the argument and an admission of intellectual bankruptcy.

This and this on the antiwar rallies in the US over the weekend. And an article on the international scene.

On the Personal Front:

I am trying to learn how to speak French. I read and understand French well but my pronunciation is an embarrassment that keeps me from opening my mouth. Fortunately, my best friend up here is French Canadian and we are going to start out with my reading out loud her little girl's French-version of "See Spot Run" books. I am sure I will be a source of great entertainment to her in weeks -- perhaps months -- to come. At last, a purpose in life!

Best to all,

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