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01/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Sloth!!!!"

Sloth and wretched idleness, the end of civilization as we know it! Translation...I took a day off. Two of the characteristics I can credit my parents with instilling deep within my psyche are absolute, automatic politeness and a strong work ethic. The latter can be a genuine pain whenever I try to relax.

On the Political Front:

The warmongering heats up but it is becoming less likely that you will get accurate information about the situation in Iraq -- that is, if you live in the United States. Veteran journalist Robert Wiener laments the likely news black-out that will be occasioned by actual warfare. Meanwhile, newspapers like the UK Independent are receiving letters from American readers who (basically) ask, "Why am I reading stories in your pages that never make it to the US media?"

My recommendation...get a shortwave radio. Brad and I listen to the BBC, etc. to compare news coverages around the world. What you are *not* hearing from the US media will amaze you.

As the cost of the War on Terrorism soars, the domestic economy continues to crumble. The cost of unemployment is falling heavily upon the shoulders of the individual states. "(A) flood of applicants has left Missouri and others in dire straits. To make (unemployment) payments, they'll have to borrow from U.S. and consider tax hikes."

On the Personal and Movement Fronts:

Courtesy of Jim McPherson -- has "More Guns, Less Crime' author John Lott been caught (as Jim says) "red-handed, red-faced?" No...not with bad or fabricated research, but with an assumed identity through which he defends his work on e-lists and e-groups. More power to John if it is true! If only I had the time...

Jennifer Roback Morse, a friend and excellent economist, has performed a valuable service for us all. She writes, "This is my discussion of the Bush tax cut compared with the Davis tax increase. Looking at the two plans side by side, shows us that we have reached the end of the line for 'soaking the rich'."

Samuel E. Konkin III (SEK3) writes, "O.K., I guess I'm in Las Vegas for the long run; next week it becomes 9 months. Time to get out of denial and get busy... No, the Agorist Institute address continues... Yes, this means New Libertarian's return to frequent publication is growingly imminent." I particularly like SEK3's sigline: "You're in Good (Invisible) Hands with No State!"

I am on the road for the next few days and, so, I will be neglecting the rather formidable email correspondence I usually handle each day. My apologies to everyone whose emails remain unanswered. I'll try to scale the mountain that is my inbox as soon as I get home.

Best to all,

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