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01/19/2003 Archived Entry: "Another light blog Sunday"

A light blog day, as Sundays seem to be. Here are some worthwhile articles without my customary narrative...

Counterspin: Pro-war mythology (a good article, but long)...
"After the recent leaking in Germany of Iraq's 12,000 page declaration of its weapons program, it is now known that at least 150 companies, mostly in Europe, the United States and Japan, provided components and know-how needed by Saddam Hussein to build atomic bombs, chemical and biological weapons. Unsurprisingly, the US was keen to excise these details from Iraq's report before its wider dissemination to non-permanent members of the Security Council (Newsday (US), 13 December, 2002; The Independent (UK), 18 & 19 December, 2002; Scotland on Sunday (UK), 22 December, 2002)."

Vatican Journal: Oil Drives War Plan

Where’s the Dissent?

Demand peace by Molly Ivins

U.S. Propaganda Pitch Halted in Arab countries

The Onion has a good headline followed by a disappointing satire. The headline: Bush to North Korea: "We Must Invade Iraq"

Must run....
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