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Special Appeals

Ed Paige -- a long-time libertarian and Objectivist and a dear friend, recipient of experimental spinal surgery.

Anarchism (see also Libertarian)

The Agorist Institute -- home of the libertarian left.
Benjamin Tucker -- info by and about this touchstone individualist anarchist.
Crispin Sartwell -- philosophy prof and freelance pundit.
Dave R.'s Page -- the home of Benjamin Tucker on the Web
D'Enhors -- 388 anarchist sites.
Home of Anarchist Theory FAQ -- and while you're there, take the purity test.
Joseph Ishill -- info by and about this individualist anarchist.
The Memory Hole -- See especially Individualist-Anarchism and Individualist Feminism.
The Rational Anarchist -- is there any other kind? A prime Canadian site.
Spunk Library -- excellent archive of anarchist and alternative material.
-----------See especially Anarchist International Information Sources

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Americans Against Bombing -- A Conservative/libertarian coalition opposed to military imperialism and particularly the blockading and bombing of nations who have done us no harm
The Emperor's New Clothes -- Piercing a Fog of Lies
War Resisters' International -- exists to promote nonviolent action against the causes of war, and to support and connect people around the world who refuse to take part in war or the preparation of war.

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Blogs (Weblogs)

Critical Mass (Erin O'Connor)
Jesse Walker
Jim Henley
Julian's Lounge (Julian Sanchez)
Karen de Coster
Libertarian Rant
Liberty Dogs
No War Blog
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Disaster Relief

American Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross

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An Individualist Feminist Compendium -- dedicated to electronically reprinting classic individualist feminist works. -- the home for individualist feminism on the net.

The Association of Libertarian Feminists -- the heart of individualist feminist activism.
Cathy Young's Home on the Web - A one-stop place where interested readers can find her work.
The Cthonia Institute -- "specially designed for women everywhere."
Critiques of Feminism -- a wonderfully contrarian view of feminism.
Feminists for Free Expression -- a diverse group of feminists fighting for freedom of speech.
Independent Women's Forum
Harriet Taylor's Website - History and profile of a nineteenth-century feminist.
Libertarians for Life
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League -- for sexual freedom!
Second Amendment Sisters - a women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self-defense. - A webzine by and for young women and men.
Women's Freedom Network -- a free market organization of feminists.

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Freedom of Speech / Privacy / Civil Liberties

Center for Individual Rights
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Electronic Frontier Foundation -- the primary guardian of Internet freedom in America.
Electronic Frontier Canada -- the Canadian edition
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Heterodoxy Magazine -- alas, no longer published, but archives are still on-line.  Heterodoxy has been assimilated into FrontPage Magazine.
Join the Any Browser Campaign! -- make the InterNet more user friendly.
Institute for First Amendment Studies -- database of addresses to which to write protest lettters.
Internet Privacy Coalition -- freedom of speech requires the freedom to be silent and anonymous.
Libertarians for Privacy -- follow the links.
SpinTech Online -- 'zine dedicated to individual freedom and wide ranging expression.

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JournalX -- informative, entertaining, free on-line 'zine.
The Onion -- free on-line 'zine where the cynicism *never* disappoints.
PissedOff! -- Yah? Well so am I! Express it here.
The Polymath Society -- and now a site that's fun for the mind.
SatireWire -- New satire for the new economy.
X Mission -- dedicated to nothing but fun and pleasure: browse about.

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Libertarian (see also Anarchism)

Liberty Activists Web Ring
Liberty Forum Association

Acton Institute -- for the study of religion and liberty.
Adam Smith Institute -- a think tank to implement Smith's insights.
Advocates for Self-Government -- a fine source of sound strategies. -- the name says it all.
The Autonomist
Breaking All The Rules -- "A Haven for Reason and Virtue in a World Gone Mad"
Capitalist Chicks -- where capitalism gets a face lift!
Cato Institute -- over 20 years of libertarian public policy. -- An online companion site for Virginia Postrel's book, "The Future and Its Enemies."
The Homepage of Libertarian Heroine Claire Wolfe -- one of the gutsiest freedom fighters around!
FEAR -- Forfeiture Endangers American Rights.
The Free Enterprise Institute -- Center for the American Idea.
The Free Market -- Jeff Tucker's fine periodical, associated with the Mises Institute.
Free-Market.Net -- the most comprehensive source for on-line libertarianism
Free-Market Homepages -- 1055 libertarian homepages.
John Dentinger -- home of the libertarian gadfly.
Eris Society -- Doug Casey's irreverent, iconoclastic society.
FEE News -- Daily updated news, essays, and links from the Foundation for Economic Education.
Foundation for Economic Education -- one of the mainstays of the movement.
Future of Freedom Foundation -- publishers of Freedom Daily.
The Friedrich Hayek Scholar's Page -- best online source for Hayek.
Jacob G. Hornberger
Ilana Mercer
The Independent Institute
The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy
Institute for Humane Studies
Laissez Faire Books -- *the* libertarian bookstore. -- a source of daily news stories.
The Libertarian Enterprise -- L. Neil Smith's pioneering free online libertarian periodical.
Libertarian Heritage -- a fine series of on-line pamphlets from the Libertarian Alliance.
Libertarian Round Table --right against might.
Liberty Journal -- one of the best sites for links.
LibertyTree: Review and Catalogue
LibmansWorld -- a fine collection of libertarian links and info, well maintained too.
L. Neil Smith -- libertarian SF writer, columnist, and gun rights advocate.
Ludwig Von Mises Institute -- still publishing The Journal of Libertarian Studies.
Nanny Culture -- Promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choice.
The NonViolence Web -- to pursue nonviolence as a strategy for social change.
P.J. O'Rourke's (Unofficial) Home Page -- the contemporary Mencken.
Radical Libertarian International -- for those who want to peek beyond national borders.
Revolution -- a source of useful articles and statistics.
Separation of School and State Alliance -- State education = propaganda.
The Sovereign Society -- "Freedom, Privacy, Prosperity In the Offshore World"
Stephan Kinsella -- all-around libertarian good guy and bon vivant.
Strike The Root - a libertarian journal of commentary and current events
Thomas Szasz Page -- a site devoted to one of libertarianism's finest thinkers.
The Voluntaryist -- a newsletter dedicated to nonpolitical libertarian theory and strategies.

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Men's Rights

The DesertLight Journal -- A digest of useful links to the Men's movement.
Dr. Warren Farrell -- author of The Myth of Male Power, Why Men Are the Way they Are, Father and Child Reunion, and other books - The Men's Activism News Network -- Daily News & Info on Men's Rights Issues
Men's News Daily -- The latest news and commentary about men's issues.
National Coalition of Free Men -- how sex discrimination has affected men.
Glenn J. Sacks -- gender issues, from a perspective unapologetically sympathetic to men.

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Ayn Rand Institute -- the official Ayn Rand site.
California Institute for Applied Objectivism -- ably maintained by Joshua Zader.
Full Context -- interviews with noteworthy Objectivists.
Homepage of Chris Sciabarra -- Objectivist non pareil, in the most respectful of heretical traditions.
The Navigator -- Newsletter of Objectivist thought.
The Objectivist Center -- To promote a new Enlightenment by developing and spreading Objectivist ideas.
Objectivism: Index of Link Pages -- over 50 links.

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CounterPunch -- Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair's political newsletter.
Disinformation -- publishers of Everything You Know is Wrong (2002) and You Are Being Lied To.
Radical Middle Newsletter  -- an alternative to business-as-usual and bitter alienation.


Council for Secular Humanism -- also the home of Free Inquiry magazine.
CSICOP -- the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
Freedom from Religion Foundation -- Annie Laurie Gaylor is to be found here.
Free Inquiry Network
James Randi Educational Foundation -- the incomparable magician and debunker of mysticism. -- "All the junk that's fit to debunk."
The Secular Web -- the best network for humanism, secularism, and atheism.
Skeptics Society -- also the home of Skeptic Magazine.

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Science Fiction and Futurism

Frefan Home Page -- Frefan = libertarian SF fan.
James P. Hogan's Homepage -- widely claimed by individualist anarchists as *their* writer.
Kings of the High Frontier -- Victor Koman's Prometheus Award winning novel.
L.Neil Smith -- the grand man of libertarian SF.
Libertarian Futurist Society -- promoting the libertarian ideal through science fiction and fantasy.
J.D. Tucille's Homepage -- the site is self-descibed as "One Vicious Bastard".
F.Paul Wilson Homepage -- a libertarian to the core.
Robert AntonWilson -- come and visit this pioneering libertarian and futurist.
Y2K: The Millenium Bug -- Don. L. Tigger's path breaking novel.

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Valuable Resources for the Researcher

Alternate Press Center -- a world outside of standard media.
Encyclopedia Brittanica -- a fine encyclopedia on-line.
Library Catalogues -- 220 of them to browse.
Library of Congress -- Browse, and the World Wide Library as well.
Metasearch -- a short cut as long as your search is not too esoteric.
Mirream-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus -- easy to use.
Thomas -- the U.S. Congress on the Internet.
WWW Virtual Library: Law -- invaluable for doing legal research.
A Women's Guide to the InterNet -- follow the links to almost everything on women.

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Candida Royalle
The Misanthropic Bitch -- woman with a bad attitude!
Ovidie -- Actrice de films X, Actrice de films traditionnels.

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BookZone -- Advancing Publishing.  See also their "Literary Leaps" page.

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