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02/13/2005 Archived Entry: "Understanding Plannerspeak"

Compliments of Gordon P., a glossary: Understanding Plannerspeak. For example, affordable housing -- housing subsidized with your gasoline, property, income, and other taxes. Or automobiles -- devices of the devil that people shouldn't be allowed to use. But it is more than a glossary because it offers the underlying rationale of the definitions. Under automobiles, it explains, "New Urbanist James Kunstler refers to the auto-centered world as 'the evil empire.' Metro advocates such as Portland City Commissioner Charles Hales often talk of people having a 'love affair with' or being 'addicted to' their cars, as if use of the auto was somehow irrational. Planners just cannot believe that people use cars because for many purposes they are more efficient and more convenient than any other form of transportation."

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