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Gordon P. comments, Here's the first bit of good news I've heard from Washington in a while:

There are rumors that Reichsmarshall Ashcroft is thinking of resigning !!! In fact, rumors are flying that about half of Bushnev's Cabinet have had enough, and want out --- including Colin Powell (and who could blame him !?), and Donald Rumsfeld, the Architect of the "Let's Attack Iraq --- There are Better Targets There" plan, and one of Bushnev's puppeteers who was tugging strongest on the "Project for the New American Century" string (AKA "Empire," by any other name... >:-( NOW --- The one thing I worry about is the comment an anonymous Bush Sr. Aide allegedly made about why the "Coalition Forces" didn't push on to Baghdad and force a "regime change" back in 1991: "The one good thing about scum, is that it keeps _worse_ things from rising to the top..." :-( I worry that, just as Bush has made Clinton look good by comparison, whoever steps in as Reichmarshall after Ashcroft will be an even _worse_ violator of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...

Jeff B responds, That's my fear as well. It's hard for me to imagine anyone worse than Ashcroft, but I recognize that that's just a (merciful) limit to my imagination. It seems likely that any replacement would be better -- but Cheney has already said that this election constitutes a "mandate" for Bushco's policies, which makes me doubt that we'll see much moderation. (I think Cheney has confused "mandate" with "a result that doesn't require Supreme Court intervention overturning the will of the electorate".) A well-informed friend of mine says that he thinks this may be setting the stage for a McCain presidency in '08. I think that sounds much better than any other possibility I've heard, but I also think that while he may be electable, he's not nominate-able. He's annoyed too many Republicans, and I don't see him jumping ship. I have to think that this administration's military misadventures have doomed any shot Colin Powell may have had at the Presidency, but I suppose people have overcome worse.

Steve C. adds, Rumours: Colin Powell is leaving to setup for a run at the white house in 2008...heard that speculation on Fox News, I think. Ashcroft's replacement will probably be Larry Thompson...a Deputy AG...story is he's troubled by some of Ashcroft's antics.. (If true, that's a GOOD thing..) Rumsfeld may have some legal troubles brewing quietly.... as does Rice..

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