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11/07/2004 Archived Entry: "More on Diebold"

Daffy Duck is counting on you! (A cute game.) And more on allegations that Diebold's 'we-don't-need-no-stinking-paper-trail' machines may be willfully expressing pro-Bush results...

Gordon P. writes, Now, _here's_ an interesting claim: "Exit polling accurately predicted the results in most states with very little error. Where there were discrepancies, they were significant in the +5 percent range, and always favored Bush." Furthermore, all the discrepancies appear to be in states using Diebold's ballotless, non-auditable, backdor-infested voting-machines. Almost needless to say, the statistical odds of this happening only in the 1/3 of the states controlled by Diebold entirely by random chance are essentially negligible...

A similar result obtains from a "meta-analysis" of the telephone-polling data, which by combining all the available polls estimated a nearly 75% likelihood that Kerry _should_ have won the electoral vote.

The topic of possible Diebold "fraud" is being currently discussed on a thread on the ifeminists.net BB, which Brad and I moderate. FYI, all are invited to join the BB with "general" issues being discussed in the "non-feminist topics" section.

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