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Cartoons: Ted Rall's "Who Knew?"; Stuart Carlson's "What's Important" and "It's Your Choice"; Chuck Asay's "Politicians Don't Create Jobs"; and, Drew Sheneman's "If You Know What's Good For You".

Along with tens of thousands of other people, I've become a fan of the CBFTW blog...

which is written by an irreverent soldier serving in Iraq. I'd suggest you read it soon?he is catching flak from his military superiors and there is no assurance of its continued existence. Pity?because it gives a real feel for what it is like over there: the adrenaline-driven excursions, the intervening boredom, the comraderie, the utter strangeness of Iraq.

Thanks to Gordon P., our unofficial co-McBlogger, for the following item from Business Week: "What A `Fairer' Tax Code Might Look Like: A reelected Bush may rework the existing system -- or try for a consumption tax." Gordon comments, "I note near the bottom that my BOTE estimate of how large a "National Sales Tax" would have to be to replace the Income Tax (20--25 %) appears to have been roughly correct: South Carolina Republican Senate candidate Jim DeMint is calling for a _23 %_ National Sales Tax... :-(" My comments: perhaps this tax is what lurks behind all the rumors that Bush wants to eliminate the IRS. A National Sales Tax would achieve several Bush goals at one stroke: it would sweep away an expensive, inefficient and much-hated governmental agency; it would place much of the burden of collecting and processing taxes on the shoulders of business; it would make tax evasion much more difficult - (I presume a crackdown on blackmarket and barter activity would be forthcoming - watch out ebay!); it would eliminate the disproportional taxation of the "rich" tho' some sop will be thrown to the "poor," I'm sure; it reduces the tax code from a complex, contradictory maze to a fairly simple formula.

Brad has been nose-down in a rush project and, so, unable to assist me with separating the blog into 'personal' and 'political' as I indicated was in the works. I hope to get the system up and running by late tonight. Thanks for your patience.

To leave you with a wry smile: just when you think you've seen every re-elction slogan possible, reality confounds that assumption by providing a slate of 'em. After all, "1,000 dead soldiers can't be wrong." To check out more innovative slogans, click on the list at the bottom of the Wonkette link. To make up your own Bush/Cheney poster, visit the Sloganator.

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