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09/12/2004 Archived Entry: ""

Starting tomorrow I will be separating out my "personal exploration" from the political commentary of McBlog and placing the former into its own file on this site, which will be accessed by clicking on a link to the right-hand side of the front page. I will update that file on a regular basis and include a link within McBlog to any new material. My reasoning: I don't wish the personal commentary to overshadow the political. A new development is likely to make "the personal" more prominent and more valuable to those who are in an abusive relationship or are still suffering from the emotional aftermath of one. George Rolph, whom I look to as the sanest voice I've heard on the issue of domestic violence, has contributed his perspective on my initial blog entry about my experiences. He has provided the same sort of feedback that I imagine he offers to people who seek him out in person for counselling. (BTW, George and I disagree on a few points -- e.g. I do not stress forgiveness, as he does -- but I have learned more from our disagreements than I have from years of reading feminist theory on the subject.) I will post his response tomorrow, after sorting through it myself.

McBlog is currently peaking at over 8,000 unique hits a day and I hope the separation of material makes it easier for those who come here for the personal rather than the political -- or vice versa -- to navigate.

Best to all,

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