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06/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Ralph Nader"

Is Ralph Nader the Y2K of the upcoming election? That's the latest wisdom on how the much-ballyhooed Nader will effect the November elections: namely, not at all. So many people are abandoning him that there is now a Repentant Nader Voter site. As an on-site photo indicates, the group's bumper sticker consists of an old "Unrepentant Nader Voter" one with a piece of duct tape over the "Un." I mean, how unpopular among anti-Republicans does a candidate who openly hates Bush have to be for the Congressional Black Caucus to publicly turn against him? Pretty darned. Meanwhile, injecting Zionist conspiracy theories into his election campaign isn't helping him with Jewish vote. Further on the "this guy can't catch a break" theme, people are expressing disappointment in Nader's choice of VP candidate. "Peter Camejo, a former Socialist Workers Party candidate for president who set up a socially responsible investment firm and then ran for governor of California as a Green Party candidate. Camejo's smart, he's of Venezuelan descent and speaks fluent Spanish and he has a history of involvement with worthy political causes." But Camejo isn't a woman - he has been candid about that -- unlike Nader's VP choice for the last election.

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