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06/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Outspourcing"

OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING REACHES NEW HEIGHTS!!"Washington D.C. - Congress today announced that the Office of President of the United States will be outsourced to overseas as of June 30th, the end of this fiscal year. The move is being made to save $400K a year in salary, a record $521 billion in deficit expenditures and related overhead. 'The cost savings will be quite significant' says Congressman Adam Smith (D - WA) who, with the aid of Congress' research arm, the General Accounting Office, has studied outsourcing of American jobs extensively. 'We simply can no longer afford this level of outlay and remain competitive on the world stage,' Congressman Smith said. Exporting American jobs has been a popular trend lately, ironically at the urging of the president." Full article.

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