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12/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Five flavors of Linux"

Several days back I offered to share my experience/opinions of a few Linux distributions. If you're interested in a move to Linux, this might interest you. If you're not planning such a move, feel free to ignore the rest of this blog entry.

To begin with the "big three":

If you don't need all the server software -- just desktop applications -- and are willing to spend a few dollars, there are two newcomers you might want to consider:

These are just three Linuxes that I've tried, and two that I haven't, out of dozens. These five are all in the Distrowatch "Top Ten" major distributions, and I recommend that you read that excellent summary before making a choice. I'm also experimenting with VectorLinux, Libranet, and Knoppix, and may give Debian and Lycoris a spin. Distrowatch is a good place for information and reviews about all of these.


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