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12/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Outing my husband"

At last count, the author of the now-famous but anonymous SCO parody of a Nigerian scam letter has been linked to 120 sites, been the subject of an article in "Computer World" and the object of speculation on BBs (Who *is* that masked author anyway?!)... The "Computer World" article opens, "Fueled by the ongoing legal battle between Unix vendor The SCO Group Inc. and IBM, someone in the open-source community has apparently decided that the whole situation is a mockery in need of mocking." Someone? (Ohh, Ohh, Teacher Call on Me! I know, I know!!!) The author is none other than that loquacious lothario, my husband Brad, and the parody world-premiered here on McBlog 07/27/03.

Well...even tho' cartoons seem like an anti-climax, here goes: Tony Auth's "Saving the Village" is bitter-funny; and Tom Tomorrow may be uncomfortably on target with "Franksly Speaking." We're *still* battling the vicious bug that's going around so I'll just say...

Best to all,

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