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01/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Poets!!!!"

On the Political Front:

Poets pose political problem -- possibly pacifist!! Translation: poets *forced* POTUS-spouse Laura, to scrap a planned poetry reading at the White House for fear it would become an antiwar event. It seems too many of the most respected poets in America were writing protest poems for the symposium. What rhymes with Iraq?

John Pilger has an excellent article on chickenhawks, which opens: "William Russell, the great correspondent who reported the carnage of imperial wars, may have first used the expression 'blood on his hands' to describe impeccable politicians who, at a safe distance, order the mass killing of ordinary people." BTW, kudos to Justin Raimondo of antiwar.com for coining the term "chickenhawk."

How many people missed an ominous reference to the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) in Bush's State of (Dis)Union Address? If you did, who can blame you? There was so much to be appalled by and upset over. The TTIC is a mammoth data-collection project intended to fuse information collected domestically by police and internationally by spy agencies. Although the Big Brother databank is announced as a security measure, how long will it be before it goes the way of all other Statist security measures and starts nosing around the finances and political beliefs of ordinary people. How long? -- from its very inception? Sounds about right.

On the Personal/Movement Front:

This just in from Vince Miller, head of ISIL: "I'm sure you must have heard that the Henry Hazlitt Foundation, which had been supporting FreeMarket.net ran into financial difficulties in late December and were forced to pull the plug on FreeMarket.net. This was sad news for many people as FMN was the #1 libertarian portal to the Internet. Not wanting to see this vital resource lost, we at ISIL made a bid in a web auction last Friday to acquire the assets of FMN. FMN president Louis James reports that at a meeting of the Henry Hazlitt Foundation yesterday (Jan 29) their board voted unanimously to accept ISIL's bid to take over the reins at FreeMarket.net. Exceptions to the unanimous vote were abstentions by Louis James, who is a member of the ISIL Board -- and ISIL webmaster Chris Whitten. I think this will make quite a splash in the movement." Those who wish to view the final results of the FMN-asset auction can view it on eLibertarian.

Today stretches out in front of me, with no wrinkles or distractions, as a solid block of time in which to get some much-needed work accomplished. Nothing glamorous or highly-paid...just the sort of routine and behind-the-scenes maintenance that makes daily life run smoothly.

Best to all,

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