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01/30/2003 Archived Entry: "Visit ifeminists.net"

On the Political Front:

Take the Dove/Hawk Quiz on Iraq and rate your answers.

Good commentary on Bush's State of the Union address from Lew Rockwell, the LP, and Robert Scheer. Unfortunately, the bottomline remains, in Scheer's words, "we are likely to march to war with the support of an 'international coalition' that amounts to a fig leaf named Tony Blair and a motley collection of nations one can buy on EBay." Veteran journalist Robert Fisk offers a chilling glimpse of the human tragedy that war will bring. Whenever you see an article by Fisk, do yourself a favor and read it.

The Congressional Budget Office has projected deficits of $199 billion this year and $145 billion in 2004 if no new tax cuts or spending increases are enacted... If tax cuts, and a potential war with Iraq are included, the 2003 deficit is expected to hit or surpass $300 billion. This exceeds the worst deficit in American history -- $290 billion in 1992, under Bush Senior. Tax payers are starting to say "no!" to financing government budgets run amok. In Oregon, Measure 28 -- intended to raise personal income tax by about 5% -- has been voted down despite the fact that the "no" vote means deep cuts, including to programs such as assistance to low-income seniors and the disabled. There is no more fat for the government to slice from taxpayers. Meanwhile, the American dollar sank to a three-year low against the Euro -- so what has not been already picked from your pocket is steadily worth less and less. I highly recommend frugality to all.

Identity theft is leading some lawmakers to question the wisdom of using Social Security #s on virtually every transaction that occurs in the US today. The use of SSNs on university records is of particular concern due to a recent case of mass identity theft from such files. Campuses should also be concerned about the FBI's campaign to enlist campus police officers "in the domestic war on terror" a campaign that is stirring fears of the sort of FBI spying at colleges and universities that led to scandals in decades past. What are the odds that Muslims will be targetted for the crime of being Muslim?

On the Personal/Movement Front:

The new ifeminist Bulletin Board is up and running, as is the introduction section of the site -- all thanks to the irrepressible Bradford! Drop by and say "hello" on the BB, where Brad and I hang.

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