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01/15/2003 Archived Entry: "Los Angeles Antiwar Protest"

On the Political Front:

A blog reader, probably in response to my entry about the major media ignoring anti-war activities, wrote in, "The Los Angeles Pacifica radio station, KPFK, sponsored an anti-war rally Saturday.

"The rally was heavy on the notion that money spent on the war could better be directed toward nationalized health care and other give aways. [Note: both the reader and I disagree with 'government give aways' on several levels.] Never the less, the rally attracted upwards of ten thousand people. The interesting aspect was the coverage provided by the LA Times. The story was burried at the bottom of page 4 in section 2. This is where you put a story you know you can't completely ignore, but that you don't want anybody to read."

Newspapers and television stations across the United States are burying information about the anti-war movement, deliberately cutting-off the public from anything but the beating of war drums and the Bush-administration line. For alternative views and information, I recommend The Nonviolence Web and antiwar.com. For peace-activist tools, you should check out the Quaker site under "Activist Resources."

In case anyone doubts the economic connection to war, this story just in from Reuters:

"Oil prices hit their highest levels for more than two years on Tuesday after chief said his teams in Iraq had uncovered smuggled materials, possibly strengthening the case for a U.S.-led war on Iraq. However, Blix said that it was unclear whether the goods were linked to weapons of mass destruction. London Brent crude futures were 60 cents firmer at $30.80 a barrel after earlier touching $31.25, their highest level since December 2000.U.S. light crude rose 21 cents to $32.47."

Meanwhile, as Bush prepares to a nation that doesn't have nuclear-weapon capacity, he is attempting to buy-off North Korea who clearly does or will shortly. Why is he rewardng the belligerent North Korean government while punishing the more co-operative Iraqi one?

On the Personal Front:

I just received a copy of the French publication "Ni Patrie, Ni Frontieres: Traductions et Debats" which includes a translation of my essay the New Mythology of Rape. The translation is also posted on a French individual anarchist site called Libertad. I am aggressively pursuing publication and connections within Europe. For example, I am on a Committee at Forces international, based in Italy. I would appreciate any suggestions or other leads anyone wants to send my way regarding publishing in Europe -- I'm always home at mac@zetetics.com.


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