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01/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Countdown to War"

On the Political Front:

Katha Pollitt, with whom I often disagree but from whose writings I usually profit, has a wonderful column in The Nation on American surveillance of political activists. Although the article is semi-humorous in revealing the guffaws of police files, it is also chilling -- partly due to those same errors.

Mark Crispin Miller has a fascinating piece in the Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel on the propaganda that passes for news in the major media. The article focuses on the Iraqi baby milk factory that was apparently misidentified as a biological weapons site and bombed by the U.S.

Interesting how such articles are common to smaller and alternative newspapers/sites. Interesting how they do not appear in major 'zines, like the Baltimore Sun. And where are the reports of anti-war protests?

Although it is little past Christmas, you shouldn't miss "A Drug War Carol" by Susan Wells and Scott Beiser. Look at the top right-hand side where it says "next", and use that button to move forward to the next page(s). Thanks to Karen De Coster for the URL.

On the Personal Front:

Transfer of the ifeminists.com site proceeds like chilled molasses. I hope the Institute to which I've arranged a transfer does not become so frustrated with the needless bureaucratic obstacles being thrown up that it loses interest. Hell...I hope *I* don't lose interest.

Well...people are buying Gracian because of my blog quotes so here's another from Baltasar himself (Oráculo manual y arte de prudencia):

"When must a remark be taken in its opposite sense? When we are talking with the malicious. With some everything they say must be discounted; their 'yes' is 'no,' and their 'no' is 'yes.' They speak ill of a thing because they think well of it, and what they like they try to discredit in the eyes of others. Not all praise consists of good words, for some praise by keeping still, just as they conceal their ill opinions by keeping still. To whom nothing is good, nothing can be bad."

Stay warm and beware of malice, my friends,

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