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01/04/2003 Archived Entry: ""

One of my favorite blogs, Light of Reason, has suspended operation, due to the owner's need to attend to real life, but the site will remain available...tho' a cobweb-site.

Walter Block has an interesting new project to which I will be contributing. It is a collection of personal stories from libertarian authors and lectures, which describe the process by which they became familiar with and committed to the ideas of liberty. Walter writes, "I think it is very important for future generations that they have available to them not only the formal publications of those of us in the freedom and free enterprise movement, but also personal glimpses such as what I'm in the process of trying to put together." I am also pleased to note that Walter is now a research fellow for the Mises Institute.

Information on The Debates of Liberty is now posted: a scan of the cover, sample chapters, a table of contents, and ordering information.

There is reason to hope that progress is being made on securing a new home for ifeminists.com. Or, more accurately, on transferring the site to a home I have already secured.

Winter has settled onto the farm like a blanket that mutes all sound, evens out all colors, and isolates our house. This is the season in which I write. I feel even more inclined to plunge into work because of looming war with Iraq, predicted to be coming between January 27 and February 26. In Israel, "school children are being instructed on use of gas masks during missile attacks. One Israeli newspaper published two pages of instructions recently on civil-defense procedures including how and when to use syringes with anti-nerve gas antibodies. Israel has already inoculated 15,000 emergency workers with the smallpox vaccine, and the general public is preparing for a wider vaccination program." Meanwhile, nations such as Pakistan are pre-emptively reacting to a U.S. invasion by burning Bush in effigy and threatening open season on Americans abroad. Sadly, it is almost impossible to distinguish a Canadian from an American on sight.

These are the crazy years during which voices of reason and compassion will not be heard over the sounds of destruction and rage. But it is essential to keep speaking and writing because the world's only chance for eventual sanity lies in the persistence of those voices. I think this is why it gave me a real pang to see the Light of Reason blog go down.

Stay safe,

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