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01/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Mud wrestling update"

Good Morning World:

I owe this next item to that saucy wench, Karen De Coster, with whom I have yet to negotiate acceptable terms for us to mud wrestle out our differences. The item: a site on Homeland Security that offers "cookie cutter" tools to oppose the creation of a police state within the U.S. The free tools include wonderful posters.

The mud wrestling update: we are stalled. Karen wishes the funds raised by ticket sales to go to the Mises Institute to promote its next conference on Austrian economics: indeed, she has proposed that the mud-slinging itself take place at the next Austrian conference as a scheduled event. *I* wish the funds to finance a much-needed research trip that my husband and I should take to Hawaii. I want to verify accounts that Benjamin Tucker's concept of Stirnerite egoism had a profound impact on the popular vote that led to Hawaii's entry into the American union. I am willing to compromise with Karen on this matter.... We can, indeed, hold the wrestling match at Mises. As a woman of integrity, I can compromise no farther.

The ifeminists.com update: please do not contribute any of your hard-earned money to the site at this time. It is not clear whether anything earmarked for ifeminists.com will ever reach its destination.

Meanwhile, I await the war. Canadian news and attitudes continue to be more "reasonable" than I hear expressed by the American media. Undoubtedly because Canadians are more
skeptical about American motives and methods regarding foreign nations. Given that we are one -- foreign that is, at least in name -- Canada feels a shadow of the brunt of that objectionable characteristic: unquestioning arrogance. It sometimes seems that Americans of my acquaintance (even libertarians) actually believe that Western concepts such as freedom and justice originated with the Founding Fathers. I love so much about America...I am far better read in U.S. history and politics than that of Canada simply because its founding ideals captivated me as a teenager. I hate that America is destroying itself. It is dying largely due to the arrogance that dismisses as "traitor" anyone who tries to point out its self-destructive behavior.

More later,

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