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Free Inquiry

IF A Feminist Overview and Defense of Pornography

The Free Market

IF Sex and the State  Commentary on Lewinsky and Clinton.  Volume 16, Number 6 (June 1998). [9K] A different version appeared on this web site under the title Sex and the State...of Affairs.
IA Clinton's August 17, 1998 Address to the Nation --the President has no right to privacy.
IA A Webb of Lies Volume 18, Number 2 (February 2000) [7K]
IA Legal Child Abuse  Volume 19, Number 1 (January 2001). [8K]

Freedom Daily

IF The Contagious Disease Acts   March 2000 [13K].
IA In Praise of Working People  September 1998. [12K]
IA Contra Gradualism -- Political reform? "'twere well it were done quickly." [15K]
IA Strategies from the Past: Boycott, Part 1(September 2000) and Part 2.(October 2000).  [10K,11K]
IA The Free-Soil Movement.  [21K]


The Ugly Face of Political Correctness.  Improper thought at Michigan State University. [19K]
America's Re-education Camps.  PC indoctrination on the college campus. [22K]

Ideas on Liberty (formerly The Freeman)

IA Constitutional Intentions  June 2000 [21K].
IF Gender Madness on Columbia's Campus March 2001 [18K].
IA Is the Constitution Antiquated? November 1999 [10K].
IF Does Rape Violate the Commerce Clause?  October 2000 [19K].
IA Sweatshops: Look for the INS Label  July 2000 [17K].
IA War is the Health of the State: Its Meaning  July 1999 [14K], appeared as "War's Other Casualty."
IF Mises Legacy to Feminism --An analysis of libertarian class theory. [24K]
IA The Non-Absurdity of Natural Law --A defense of Natural Law, civility, and tolerance. [23K]
IA The Efficiency of Natural Rights --A utilitarian defense of natural rights.
IA Defining the State and Society -- Four ways in which the State has been defined, and how it impacts the definition of Society. [22K]
IA Social Engineering and Human Ignorance --How institutions of society naturally evolve.
IA Origins of Religious Tolerance -- the free market promotes religious toleration.
IA The Bathtub, Mencken, and War -- a deceptively humorous look at propaganda.
IA Nock on Education -- an argument for classical education.
IF A 'Family' Crisis at the United Nations The UN wants to dictate family policy and moral codes. [21K]
IF Politicizing the Housewife  November 2001. [20K]

Independent Review

IA Benjamin Tucker and Liberty, Part I -- 19th Century individualist anarchism
IA Benjamin Tucker and Liberty, Part II

Journal of Libertarian Studies

IA The Schism Between Individualist and Communist Anarchism   Vol. 15, No. 1 [Fall 2000]. [62K]  Abbreviated version [26K]

The Libertarian Enterprise

IA In Search of the Promised Gulch --Can utopian communities succeed? [13K]
IA The American Revolution Revisited -- Deifying any war is a mistake. A critique of the American Revolution. [6.6K]
IA A Reconsideration of Trial by Jury -- can a collective entity claim the unassigned right to judge an individual?
Check out the publisher L. Neil Smith


IA Rothbard as System-Builder: A Tribute  Appeared in abridged form in Liberty.  [33K]
IF Michel Foucault and Pornography -- How Foucault has influenced this issue within feminism. [30K]
IF The New Mythology of Rape: Part One -- Contemporary feminism has created a new mythology surrounding the issue of rape. [13K] Reprinted by Greenhaven Press.
IF The New Mythology of Rape: Part Two [12K] Reprinted by Greenhaven Press. Post Office Box 289009, San Diego, Ca. 92198-9009
IF Understanding Sexual Harassment.  appeared in Liberty magazine, December 2001 as "The Chlling Effect"  [21K].

Ludwig von Mises Institute

IA A Necessary Distortion   A review of Garry Wills' A Necessary Evil: A History of American Distrust of Government.  Originally appeared on, January 11, 2000. [11K]
IA Anarchism: Two Kinds  Originally appeared on, December 13, 1999. [8K]
IA State Science, State Truth  Originally appeared on, January 6, 2000. [6K]
IA Freedom Will Conquer Racism and Sexism  A review of the book by J. Edward Pawlick. [11K]
IA New Whine, Old Battles  Individualists should rejoice!  From, October 22, 1999. [7K]
IA McElroy on Liberty  An inverview by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, November 14, 2000. [11K]
IA Art and State: The Case for Separation  Originally posted on, September 28, 1999. [5K]
IA Right Tactics, Wrong Cause  Appeared  on, April 28, 2000.  [15K]

New Libertarian

IA Transcribed speech on Individualist Anarchism v. Communist Anarchism, and v. Libertarianism.Part One [18K] Part Two [18K]


IF From a Sexually Incorrect Feminist.  July, 1995. [10K]


IF Feminists Against Women: The New Reproductive Technologies. Part One -- The feminist backlash against technology. [22K]
IF Feminists Against Women: The New Reproductive Technologies. Part Two. [17K]


IA The Civil Rights Act: Unintended Consequences Writ Large.  July 12, 1999 [12K].
IF Prostitution: Reconsidering Research.  November 12, 1999. [18K]
IF In Defense of Prostitutes  August 12, 2000. [12K]

The Voluntaryist

IA Demystifying the State  Originally appeared in Neither Bullets Nor Ballots. [12K]
IA Climbing Off The Bandwagon   Appeared in The Voluntaryist, February 1983. [8K]
IA Neither Bullets Nor Ballots  Appeared in The Voluntaryist Vol. I, No. 1, October 1982. [8K]


IA We Believe  -- A statement of libertarian principles. [12K] features

IA Social Boycott -- A strategy of the nineteenth-century individualist anarchists. [10K]


IA Demystifying The State --a link off-site, so hit "Back" to return to this page.
IF Introduction to Individualist Feminism, Part One, Part Two -- with a contrast to socialist feminism.
IA A debate over the use of electoral politics as a strategy. It began with McElroy's article Why I Would Not Vote. It continued with Bill Bradford's Voting Is No Sin, and spilled into the New Libertarian with Sam Konkin's The Damnation of Bill.
IF Prostitutes, Feminists and Economic Associates, Part One from a speech delivered at the International Congress on Prostitution, published in the book on the Congress from Prometheus [April '98]. [23K] Part Two [20K]
IF Abortion -- a defense of the pro-choice position based on self ownership.
IF An Overview of "Solutions" to Prostitution.
IF Chi parla per le prostitute? (Who Speaks for the Prostitute?)  [Italian]  Excerpt from "Una difesa dei diritti delle prostitute" (Leonardo Facco, 2001)
IA  Wherein does Wrongness Lie?  Originally appeared in Total LIberty [10K].
IF Individualism: A New View Of Feminism.  From a talk presented for  "The First Amendment and Beyond," a seminar by the Institute for Humane Studies, at Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia, on June 22, 2001. [21K]
IA Libertarian Just War Theory.  What would be the requirements of a libertarian just war? [15K]
IF Pornographie - aus feministischer Sicht (Pornography - from a feminist view).  From  the German on-line publication Eigentümlich frei. [40K]
IF Heterophobia:a review of Daphne Patai's book , Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism. [7K]
IA Institutionalizing Idealism How can institutions be designed so as to express and tend toward libertarian ideals? [15K]
IF Interview with Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views) about ifeminism and libertarianism.  May 2002. [14K]

Book Excerpts

IF Angela Fiducia Tilton Heywood: in the Shadow of a Man. An excerpt from Individualist Feminism of the Nineteenth Century: Collected Writings and Biographical Profiles.

IA Intellectual Property: Copyright and Patent   From the upcoming book The Debates of Liberty. [41K]
Sarah Elizabeth Holmes: The Study of A Silenced Woman.  An excerpt from Individualist Feminism of the Nineteenth Century: Collected Writings and Biographical Profiles. [19K]
The Rules of Intellectual Etiquette  From The Reasonable Woman. [8K]

Edited by Wendy McElroy

IA Memories of Benjamin Tucker  by John William Lloyd, a contributor to Tucker's Liberty.  (Link to the Mises Institute web site.)  Also see Erinnerungen an Benjamin Tucker, a German translation by Christian Butterbach.
IA The Life of Benjamin R. Tucker, Part 1 [22K]  Part 2 [19K]  Part 3 [90K]  Part 4 [48K]  Previously unpublished autobiography of Benjamin Tucker, transcribed from the Tucker Papers. In 4 parts.

Articles on Porn

IF Contracts and Clintons and Courts...Oh My! A recommendation on how the sex industry and sex workers can protect themselves from legal abuse. [16K]
IF Women and Pornography An hour long audio broadcast of an interview on "Talk of the Nation", National Public Radio.
IF Banning Pornography Endangers Women An ISIL pamphlet on how censoring pornography damages the well being of women. [14K]


Keep the Lid on Your Id Originally appeared in 1983 in Pulpsmith magazine. [12K]

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