Individualist Feminism of the Nineteenth Century:

Collected Writings and Biographical Profiles

by Wendy McElroy

Feminism today has many definitions, but to a large degree, the movement has its roots in nineteenth century individualist feminism, which was based on the theory that all humans should be treated as sovereign individuals, regardless of gender, race, or religion. This once-shocking idea was championed by many individuals and publications now largely forgotten. This unique work covers the history of the individualist feminism movement and of three prominent publications that rose in its defense: The Word, Liberty, and Lucifer the Light Bearer. Although these journals published some of the most important ideas on feminism, anarchism, and personal liberty, they are often overlooked today. Biographies and selections of writing from contributors to these magazines feature the remarkable women and men who laid many of the foundations for modern feminist thought. Included among those profiled are Angela Heywood, who first defended abortion based on woman's self-ownership of her body, and Lillian Harman, who was jailed at the age of 16 for being married without state or church ceremonies. These profiles and writings provide insight into the lives and work of these important, but often neglected early feminists.


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Angela Fiducia Tilton Heywood: In the Shadow of a Man


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Table of Contents

Introduction by Wendy McElroy

Section I: The Word
1. Angela Fiducia Tilton Heywood: In the Shadow of a Man (biography & reprints)
2. Women of The Word: Biographical Dictionary of the Day-to-Day Radicals

Section II: Lucifer the Light Bearer
3. Moses Harman: The Paradigm of a Male Feminist (bio and reprints)
4. Edwin Cox Walker and Lillian Harman (bio and reprints)

Section III: Liberty
5. Sarah Elizabeth Holmes: The Study of a Silenced Woman (bio and reprint)
6. Gertrude B. Kelly: A Disillusioned Woman (bio and reprint)


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