A Refutation of False Claims levelled by George H. Smith against Wendy McElroy

McElroy's defence against the libelous claim that she was a typist and not a co-author of the 1989 manuscript "Fundamentals of Reasoning", and the supporting contract publicly acknowledged by Smith as valid. The "altered document": Smith's admission, in an open letter to Prometheus, was omitted from later postings.

McElroy's defence against charges of similar language.

Attorney's statement on the libelous claims of plagiarism.

Smith's initial 17 May 1998 email, including threats of legal action against McElroy and against Prometheus Books. Her attorney is of the opinion that his demand for "money for silence" may rise to the level of criminal extortion. McElroy's 18 May 1998 reply. Smith's subsequent emails of 18 May 1998 and 19 May 1998, to which McElroy did not reply.

Smith's email to Prometheus Books, reiterating his threat to take legal action unless his terms were met.