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Addendum: A Letter to Prometheus Books

I hope you have seen Wendy’s reply to me, and the contract that she posted on her web page. That contract was the missing link in my case against her, since I lost my copy years ago and had no way of proving that we ever signed one. I had hoped that this public controversy might scare her bad enough to go public with it, and it did.

We now have the following elements::

(1) An extensive manuscript on the Fundamentals of Reasoning which is beyond any doubt an early draft for THE REASONABLE WOMAN.

(2) A contract between Wendy and I to co-author an unnamed book on reasoning.

(3) Wendy’s admission. that we contributed 50-50 to the book. (This is not actually true; the manuscript as written up to that point was all mine. We never got far enough on the project for Wendy to add her contributions, e.g., some material on women and statistics. But, for the sake of argument, I will settle for her admission of 50-50. By the way, what do you think of her false claim that the book was submitted to Prometheus in 1991? You know it was not.)

When you are convinced that the manuscript is what I represent it to be, then, given Wendy’s posted admissions, there can be no reasonable doubt that I am the co-author (and, according to the contract, the first author) of THE REASONABLE. WOMAN.

George H. Smith