Wendy McElroy

Author, lecturer, and freelance writer on the subjects of Individualist Anarchism and Individualist Feminism.


(editor) Liberty for Women. Ivan R. Dee, Publisher (division of Rowman & Littlefield): 2002.

Individualist Feminism of the Nineteenth Century: Collected Writings and Biographical Profiles.  McFarland & Co., Jefferson, NC: 2001.

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XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography. St. Martin's Press, New York, NY: 1995.

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Liberty 1881-1908: A Comprehensive Index. Michael E. Coughlin Publisher, St. Paul, MN: 1982. Posted on the Internet at http://www.blancmange.net/tmh/tmhframe.html (under Individualist Anarchism).

Anthology Appearances

"Neither Bullets Nor Ballots" in I Must Speak Out: The Best of the Voluntaryist 1982-1999. Ed. Carl Watner. Fox & Wilkes, San Francisco, 1999.

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Journal Articles

"The Schism Between Nineteenth-Century Individualist and Communist Anarchism." The Journal of Libertarian Studies Vol. 15, No. 1 (Fall 2000).

"The Liberty Debate on Participation in Politics." The Independent Review Vol. IV, No. 3 (Winter 2000).

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Popular Articles

"The Unfair Sex?" National Review Vol. XLVII, No. 8 (May 1, 1995).

"Breeder Reactionaries: The 'feminist' war on reproductive technologies." Reason, December 1994.

The Free Market

Free Inquiry Ideas on Liberty (formerly The Freeman) Heterodoxy Liberty Freedom Daily Occasional book reviewer for The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada.
Articles have also appeared in Maire Claire and Penthouse magazines.

Internet Publications

Site Editor, www.ifeminists.com, an individualist feminism web site.

Occasional columnist for Fox News, http://www.foxnews.com.

Former weekly columnist for The American Partisan, http://www.american-partisan.com, and LewRockwell.com, http://www.lewrockwell.com.

Site Editor, An Individualist Feminist Compendium, http://www.vulgus.org/indfem/.

"An Index to [Tucker's] Radical Review." Posted on the Internet at http://www.blancmange.net/tmh/tmhframe.html (under Individualist Anarchism).

Audio Publications

"Selling Sexuality: Women's Freedom or Women's Oppression."  From a panel at Randolph-Macon Women's College, Lynchburg, Virginia, 10 November 2000.

"Women and Pornography."  An interview on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation."

"A Feminist Defense of the Free Market." Laissez-Faire Books, New York, NY.

Co-Editor, Secrets of the Great Investors. 24-cassette series (Louis Rukeyser, narrator). Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1996.

Co-Editor, The World of Philosophy. 24-cassette series (Lynn Redgrave, narrator). Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1996.

Series Editor, The World's Political Hot Spots. 24-cassette series (Harry Reasoner, narrator). Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1991. Author of "Ireland," "Scotland," and (with Sheldon Richman) "The Middle East" in this series.

Series Editor, The United States at War. 24-cassette series (George C. Scott, narrator). Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1990. Author of "The Vietnam War" in this series.

Co-Editor, The United States Constitution. 8-cassette series (Walter Cronkite, narrator). Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1987.

"Vindication of the Rights of Woman," "The Liberator," "Civil Disobedience, " "Discourse on Voluntary Servitude" in The Audio Classics Series. Knowledge Products, Nashville, TN: 1985-1986.


"Contributions of 19th Century Individualist Anarchism."  Presented at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama, 14
November 2000.

"Gender Issues in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights."  Presented at Europe: The Last Leviathan, a conference organized by
Enclave, Milan, Italy, 8 December 2000.

"Building an ifeminist online community."  Presented at the 20th Anniversary World Libertarian Conference, London, Ontario, July 2000.


Research fellow, Independent Institute

Associate Editor, Free Inquiry.

Contributing Editor, Ideas on Liberty (formerly The Freeman).

Contributing Editor, Liberty.

Co-founder of The Voluntaryist.