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03/01/2006 Entry: "The Feds are suspending stats on money supply"

It is time to get out of U.S. dollars if you possibly can. Why? I quote an article from The Free Market News Network, "The clock is ticking folks. Next month, the Federal Reserve is due to discontinue reporting M3 money supply [and related] statistics. They would have us believe that it's their intention to save us a few nickels. Many in the mainstream are as reluctant to see this ruse as they were to recognize gold rigging or corrupted inflation data. Oil is also slated to begin trading for Petro-Euros next month too. Many pundits feel that this is a non issue as well. I beg to differ." Without money supply statistics, it becomes almost impossible to know whether inflation is rising, by how much, and other information vital to the average Joe and Jill on the street. For more analysis, click here.

BTW -- and strictly as my personal opinion -- I think the U.S. will move against Iran in March in order to disrupt the switch to Euros.

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