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02/28/2006 Entry: "Who profits from the Dubai Ports deal?"

I've seen several libertarians on favorite sites such as lewrockwell.com and antiwar.com come to the defense of the Dubai Ports deal, on commendable free-market principle. But I haven't seen any libertarian site ask the key question: cui bono?

The closest has been Justin Raimondo, who asks this question about the opposition to the deal: "In politics, one should always follow the money and, as I've said before, on this occasion someone's financial interests seem to be intertwined with the effort to smear DPW."

Why stop there? What are the financial interests of those supporting this deal? Why did Dubya, who admitted not even knowing about the deal, immediately threaten to use his presidential veto to preserve the deal -- a veto he hasn't employed once in five years? Who told Dubya the deal is that important, and why is it that important? What are we not seeing, behind the scenes?

Follow the money, indeed.  —brad

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