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02/18/2006 Archived Entry: "James Hogan"

Interesting pre-coffee phone call this morning. James Hogan, the science fiction writer and an old friend, called bright and early from his home in Sligo, Ireland to ask some questions about the layout of Toronto where his next novel is set. That info dispensed, we chatted for about an hour and caught up with each other's lives. Last I'd heard he was splitting his time between a home in Florida and (a different) one in Ireland. He's moved his residence entirely across the Atlantic because he cannot stomach the US invasion of Iraq and the boola-boola, give-it-to-the-ragheads attitude that is so common down in the States, especially it seems in the Southern thereof. I sympathize. I do not sing the praises of Canada or any government but, at least, on this one issue -- that of war and war-mongering -- the atmosphere up here is much better than in the States.

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