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02/15/2006 Archived Entry: "Gender specific advertising in Newsweek?"

A member of my libertarian discussion BB posted an interesting comment, which I pass along: So somehow things got messed-up and both of my parents have subscriptions to newsweek. When I brought them in I noticed something odd - they were noticebly different in bulk. So, being the curious little creature that I am I set them next to each other and started to page through them. They were almost identical, EXCEPT the advertisements were different - the ones in my dad's were more geared towards business, and the one in my mother's was more geared towards health. This may just be a coinsidence, it may just be that people pay for an ad to be placed in x-amount of magezines instead of all of them, etc. But it would make sense that people would target different genders, and so I waonder if that is what is happening. Does anyone know? Because I would certainly like to know... especially considering how liberal newsweek is supposed to be... if they are genderizing everything in ADDITION to all the sexist ideology they tote, well, I am going to be quite sad. Consider yourself invited to drop in, browse and join!

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