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01/30/2006 Archived Entry: "Microsoft disses Windows XP"

I recall an exchange in Atlas Shrugged that went something like this: "If you had a broken leg, you'd pay a doctor to set it." "Not if he was the one who broke it."

Microsoft is now trying to sell users on an upgrade to Windows Vista because — wait for it — the security of Windows XP is so bad.

So, let me see if I understand their marketing plan. First, sell a shoddy product. Then, tell customers the product they just bought is shoddy, and they need to buy the new and improved model. Repeat as necessary.

With their confessed ineptitude at security to date -- and a long list of Windows versions to demonstrate it -- why should anyone believe that this Windows will be magically different? (Didn't they say that about XP?)

Here's a tip, guys. "Security" is not your strongest selling point.  —brad

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