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01/05/2006 Archived Entry: "Interview with Phyllis Chesler"

An interesting interview with Phyllis Chesler who has been a major force in pushing the gender feminist (GF) agenda for decades now. She is turning around and lambasting her sister-GFs as being sell-outs to academic and left prestige, etc. I don't much sympathize with her 'ringing the bell in the night' over how feminism has gone wrong since she is one of the reasons it went so many miles off course. Her media-proclaimed "brave" book that turns on GFs just as their movement is clearly dying raises my cynical shackles.. For one thing...Good timing! It is like buying a rising stock when it is low and then selling-short when you see an inevitable collapse. Of course, on Wall St., Chesler would be arrested for inside trading as she is in a position to influence the decline of the stock (GF) by publicly excoriating it. Her interview (and book) are one more indication that GF has lost its hold on society and will be fading fast in the next few years, leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess. Now its former leaders are trying to make a buck and preserve their prestige by distancing themselves from the failure that is their legacy.

Chesler's heart bleeds so profusely for 3rd world women that she is proposing "a feminist foreign policy." She criticizes GFs "because they refused to work with a Republican administration" and, so, shut themselves out of foreign policy. Aha...I begin to see where an enterprising ex-GF can make a new buck and acquire new prestige. I have a suggestion for Chesler; how about repairing the damage you have wrought to gender relations in your own society first? Oh, and when you express wrenching compassion for the poor and oppressed, may I suggest that your accompanying photograph not show you in a glistening evening dress with a glass of wine cradled in your hands? Actually, forget that last suggestion. It gives the reader important information.

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