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12/16/2005 Archived Entry: "End run around McCain Anti-Torture Bill"

Gdp writes, Cheney and Rumsfeld have made a disgraceful "end run" around the McCain Anti-Torture Bill:

Since McCain's Bill specifies that prisoners must be treated "According to the Army Field Manual" Cheney and Rumsfeld have merely _changed the Army Field Manual_ so that it no longer conforms to the Geneva Convention! Hence, the U.S. Army Field Manual on Interrogation --- once regarded as a paragon of scrupulousness in its conformance to International Treaties against torture and inhuman treatment --- has now instead become a manual on how to "humanely" torture prisoners...

See also the Wikipedia article (that is, before it gets deleted in the "Wiki Wars," of course...), and this article on the Senate Bushnevik Cabal's "augmentation" of the McCain Amendment to _explicitly exempt CIA agents and CIA clients_ (such as the Iraqi paramilitary "Scorpion teams") from having to comply with the terms of the McCain Amendment.

If one thing has become abundantly clear, it is that _Vice President Cheney supports the use of torture_ (even as he "redefines" that word out of existence to provide the Bushnev Administration Policy with a fig-leaf of "plausible deniablity"), and that _Cheney is the principle architect of U.S. torture policy_.

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