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12/12/2005 Archived Entry: "Sober.Y activates on Jan. 5"

A heads-up for you poor folks still running Windows: the Sober.Y virus is due to activate on January 5th. At this time it will try to download fresh malware from various servers. If you're an enterprise sysadmin, F-Secure has cracked the code and identified which servers to block at the firewall. If you're a lone user, update your antivirus software now and clean this worm off your PC.

Judging from the hundreds of Sober.Y messages I'm receiving each day, infection is widespread. No one knows what malware will be launched on January 5th, but it could hammer the Internet pretty hard -- I remember Nimda, which didn't infect our systems but nevertheless tied up nearly all of our Internet bandwidth with probes. Best to get your critical email out on the 4th.  —brad

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