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Jim Peron is liquidating a large portion of his private library and offers you a unique opportunity to purchase rare libertarian works, sometimes one of a kind. The book list is here. Jim Peron writes [Click on 'more' to continue.]

I am unfortunately forced to liquidate a large portion of my private library that I have been amassing over the last 25 years. Included are rare and hard to find books in the following areas: Mencken, Rand, Austrian economics, libertarianism, history, economic theory, Mises, Hayek, Oscar Wilde, rationalism and freethought. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Either to individuals or groups.

The following rare books of interest to libertarians are for sale. Anyone wishing more information on any title or wishing to see a photo of the book can email esteem@orcon.net.nz. Books will be shipped from the US and shipping is extra but only exact shipping will be charged. When you order place your order we will email you back with shipping charges based on where they are going and the method of shipping you prefer. Payment methods can be discussed upon ordering.

There is very little duplication of titles here so if it sells we are not likely to be able to secure another copy. You will find here some very hard to find titles that would make great presents and would be welcomed into almost any library of liberty. Many of these titles are first edtions. Many are signed. Some are limited editions that are signed and numbered.

[Special auction set] Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard. This set was produced with Rothbard’s permission 20 years ago. Only 50 copies were produced then. It is all four volumes of his history of the American Revolution. Each set was signed by Rothbard and numbered by him. This is the much sought after set #1. This is a cloth edtion with embossed silver lettering. This set originally sold for $100 two decades ago and sold out almost immediately. We are selling this to the highest bidder with a bid over $400. The auction will end at midnight on December 15th so that we can ship it in time for Christmas. Bids should be sent to esteem@orcon.net.nz. This is clearly the rarest of any of Rothbard’s published works. The set is in pristine condition.

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