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12/01/2005 Archived Entry: "Hey, Sony: "No" means "NO!""

This just keeps getting worse. We knew that Sony's "other" DRM, MediaMax, left software on your computer even if you decline the EULA. Now it turns out that this software can be activated even if you decline the EULA. You heard that right: say "no", and it installs and runs anyway.

The important security tip for Windows users: disable the autorun feature. Now. This is the feature that automatically runs the "install" program when you insert a CD-ROM. Disabling it means a minor inconvenience when you go to install software from CD-ROM, but is well worth it for the security of knowing that software is installed only when you request it. (Until this Sony flap, you might not have been aware that music CDs can also carry hidden software.)

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone magazine has picked up on the story. And despite all promises, Sony still hasn't provided a safe uninstaller for their malware.  —brad

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