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11/12/2005 Archived Entry: "PJ on Sony and blogs"

Here's a nice posting by Groklaw's PJ on the Sony rootkit, the role of blogs in revealing it, and the failures of the mainstream media. It makes me wonder if we're seeing a new spontaneous order evolving in news production and consumer protection.

Speaking of the Sony rootkit, it's now revealed that Sony CDs attack Macintosh computers, too.

It still amazes me that all these corporate behemoths bleat about protecting "property rights", while doing everything in their power to attack your property and your rights, and no one calls them on it. These companies have no respect whatsoever for property rights in the abstract; it's just a convenient buzz-phrase for them to defend their corporate interests and excuse their egregious behavior.

This time it backfired. Sony artists are getting hammered with bad reviews at Amazon. EFF has published a list of dangerous Sony CDs. A computer virus is already expoliting the Sony rootkit. Sony is being hit with class action suits. As PJ put it, "A company is in real trouble when a lawyer sets up a website dedicated to its misbehavior."


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