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10/07/2005 Archived Entry: "A consumer takes action"

It appears that Level 3 Communications is the party responsible for the Internet blackout. Lots of people are calling for government regulation. Not me. But I do intend to call Level 3's customer service line (1-877-4LEVEL3) to complain. Repeatedly, until service is restored.  —brad

Update: The customer service rep says that the peering connection to Cogent has been switched back on, and that a news release will be forthcoming shortly. The real joke in all this is the motto on Level 3's home page: "The Network Partner You Can Rely On." Gag.

Update 2: Here's the news release. Level 3 is only restoring the connection for 30 days, so keep that phone number handy. ISP-Planet has a nice summary of the business aspects of the dispute. Meanwhile, I suggest a new motto for Level 3: "The Company That Took Down The Internet."

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