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09/23/2005 Archived Entry: "Brave Sir Dubya"

Saturday I posted some black humor about how various government agencies would handle Katrina. Our friend Charles C. sent this:

DoD - The Secretary of Defense vows to find out who sent the hurricane and stop them from any possible future atrocities. Troops prepare to invade the Atlantic Ocean. Asks for lots more money.

which prompted me to reply in email with this:

President - First, flies away from the affected area. When danger has passed, returns for photo ops with emergency workers and carefully selected victims. Praises cronies (may give medals). Asks Congress for more money.

Five minutes ago, I heard that Bush is flying off to the safety of Colorado to watch Hurricane Rita from there. While perfectly in character, I wondered: wasn't he aware that Washington D.C. is out of the hurricane's path? Then I was reminded that Cindy Sheehan is in D.C. this weekend with an anti-war protest. Now it all makes sense. Brave Sir Robin!  —brad

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