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08/30/2005 Archived Entry: "Zaba database"

A correspondent advises, Please check for your name and request to have your name removed. It is just unbelievable how our privacy is being invaded and by all means, pass this information to all you know. To find the e-mail submission, click Terms on the bottom and then scroll down to the bottom again, where it says: ZABAToolstm Manage your personal information. Click Here. Beginning May '05 a new database was made available to the general public, free of charge, that displays your personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates). The database is found at www.zabasearch.com. I urge you to forward this email to family and friends. Check to see if your name and information is in their database. If so and you want it removed, send them an e-mail at info@zabasearch.com to request it be removed. I do not know how our names are appearing there, but I checked my own and a few other random ones, and they are all in this database!

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