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08/05/2005 Archived Entry: ""

This is the latest missive from Downsize DC -- one of my favorite sites: The cats are away (Congress is in recess) so the mice should play (DC Downsizers). Let's eat some Congressional cheese. (smile)... For the full Downsize message, click 'more'.

Congressional staffs are still working, perhaps expecting things to be a little bit quiet. Now is the time to get their attention, so they can tell their bosses about it when Congress reconvenes.

We may have a better chance right now to push the "Read the Bills Act" and our amendment to S. 1313. Remember, this amendment provides an enforcement mechanism to stop state, local, and federal attempts to use the new Kelo power to seize personal property for the benefit of private interests.

State and local governments are leaping into action all over the country to seize private land. "Reason" reports on its website that it's happening in Santa Cruz, California, in Arlington, Texas (for a new football stadium for the Cowboys), and all over the country. S. 1313, as it's written now, probably won't stop most of these takings, but our enforcement amendment almost certainly would. And the "penalty" would be less federal pork (unconstitutional spending) floating to those jurisdictions.

Let's wake up those sleepy Congressional staffs. Hammer them hard. Ask them to support our amendment to S. 1313. You can send your message by clicking here. And tomorrow, baring unforeseen events, we'll start hammering Congressional staffs to have their bosses meet with me about the "Read the Bills Act" when "Mr. Babka goes to Washington" in September.

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