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08/03/2005 Archived Entry: "Update on Chris Tame"

Update on Chris Tame: I received the following update from Sean Gabb in last night's email..."Dr Chris R. Tame, the Director of the Libertarian Alliance, remains in hospital. I was with him all day yesterday, and can say he is in good spirits, despite the apparently grim nature of his condition. He had an operation last Saturday, and has made a good recovery so far. We are still waiting for the final diagnosis and prognosis. We are also waiting to now when he can leave the hospital I will update you on any changes. I have received so many e-mails of sympathy that I am unable to reply to them all. I have printed them out and given them to Dr Tame, who sends his greetings in general form. He will be back on line as soon as he comes out of hospital. He can then spend the following month sorting through all the forwarded messages and replying in person."

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