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06/29/2005 Archived Entry: "Reason Papers archive"

Wonderful news from Aeon Skoble who writes, I am proud and pleased to announce that Reason Papers has a new website, the chief virtue of which is the full-text PDF archives. Reason Papers was founded in 1974 by Tibor Machan, and I took over editorship in 2000. All of issues 1-25 are now available for download or on-line reading in the "Archive" section of the new website. Issues 26 and 27, the most current, are available for purchase, although one or two pieces from those as well have on-line PDFs if you want a sample. When issue 28 is published this Fall, issue 26 will go on-line, and so on (what they call a "2-issue moving wall"). This is a truly exciting event, as some of the older back issues were out of print, and the history of Reason Papers includes many noteworthy contributions by major theorists from philosophy, economics, history, and politics. I am especially grateful to Stephan Kinsella for doing the tedious work of making the PDFs, David Veksler for the site redesign, and Jeff Tucker for volunteering to host the site. Thanks! I encourage everyone to go have a look at the new site, and I hope you find much if value in the archives. I add a ringing endorsement. The Reason Papers are a magnificent intellectual resource that has, hitherto, been inaccessible to all but those lucky enough to own a full run of the print version. Well done!

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