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06/02/2005 Archived Entry: "Nipples, NIPPLES everywhere"

Gordon P. writes, As an apparent collateral damage of the FCC's rulings after the Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction:" the broadcast media are now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to digitally blur any "nipple bumps" visible on actress's blouses, There is apparently now even a "nipple clause" appearing in media contracts: Women have a right to have them (i.e., they can't be required to wear bras), but producers have the right to airbrush them out of the final cut. It's gotten to the point that even _Victoria's Secret_ is marketing "nipple-minimizing bras" to prevent nipple pokies...Has the entire country gone stark raving bonkers ??? Has the U.S. _completely_ run out of perspective and common sense ??? What's next --- a return to layered petticoats and hoop skirts ??? Or is the U.S. going to join the muslin world and require burkhas ???

To answer Gordon's question: yes, the entire U.S. has gone stark raving bonkers. Thank God it is only one corner of the world.

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