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05/29/2005 Archived Entry: "Gordon on "Sony music CDs crash Apple iMacs""

Gordon P writes, Looks like I was =EXTREMELY= lucky that one of my audio CDs merely refused to mount on my Apple PowerBook: Apple's Official Policy is "play music CDs on your Mac at your own risk," It appears that some of the forms of "copy protection" used by the music industry are not merely harmful but FATAL to Macs: The CD not only refuses to mount, but refuses to _eject_; moreover, the invalid data contained in the "copy-protection" track actually causes the machine to _crash_ --- and the fact that the CD can't be ejected means that the machine can't be rebooted! I had not realized that the greedy b@$+@rds at Sony and RIAA had come so close to making CDs that can force one's computer to execute the HCF ("Halt and Catch Fire") instruction... :-(

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