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For those looking for outlets for their growing rage against State intrusion into their personal lives, here's a menu of items from which to choose your preferred protest. What the heck, pick 'em all. (A hat tip to the excellent Rational Review News Digest from which the list is gleaned and to which everyone should subscribe -- it's free!)

Don't let Congress expand the Patriot Act in secret: "The Patriot Act passed a mere 45 days after the September 11 attacks with virtually no debate or discussion. Fortunately many of the sections that expanded government power were set to expire at the end of this year. Now, some in Congress are secretly considering legislation that would make these powers permanent and expand them. Hundreds of communities -- and seven states -- have signaled their rejection of the excessive powers in the Patriot Act by passing resolutions. But Congress is ignoring these and other public statements of concern against the Patriot Act and holding key hearings in secret. Urge your Members of Congress to hold open and public hearings on the expansion of the Patriot Act!"

Tell Congress To Oppose Sensenbrenner's HR 1528: "Drug war extremists in Congress want to throw you in prison for two years if you fail to turn your neighbor in for committing a non-violent drug offense. They also want to create mandatory minimum sentences for EVERY federal offense. E-mail Congress right now."

Protect online political speech: "The Federal Elections Commission (the "FEC") is proposing in a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" ("NPRM") to extend the regime of federal campaign finance rules to political speech on the Internet. Although the proposed rules are intended to be limited, they will have a significant harmful impact on the independent political speech of ordinary citizens online. The public has an opportunity to comment on the proposed rules before June 3, 2005.

Action: Protect your rights: "Support the Alliance's bill in Congress to protect your constitutional rights. We have an opportunity to rein in out-of-control anti-drug task forces and keep innocent people out of prison. Urge your U.S. Representative to support the 'No More Tulias: Drug Law Enforcement Evidentiary Standards Improvement Act of 2005.'"

Give the Broadcast Flag a TKO: "We have the Broadcast Flag on the ropes, but its supporters are flailing back. The Broadcast Flag, a plan to give Hollywood remote control of how you record, copy, transfer, or replay over-the-air digital television, was knocked flat by the courts. Now the film and TV industries are running to Congress to get the fix in. The current plan: sneak a few lines of innocuous-sounding law past legislators to give the FCC the sweeping regulatory authority it needs re-instate the Flag. That would restore Hollywood's power to dictate the design of any digital equipment capable of receiving broadcasts -- and once again, technology innovators would be forced to beg permission to provide you with the features and functionality for exercising your fair use rights. Tell your representative you don't want Hollywood to hobble your digital media devices, and knock out the Broadcast Flag for good."

Civil disobedience versus TSA ID demands: "Inspired by New Hampshire's 'outlaw manicurist,' another Granite Stater is stepping forward -- literally -- to defy license-related laws. Russell Kanning of Keene has announced he will approach a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at Manchester airport on June 11 and refuse to cooperate with the requirement to show ID until he is arrested. 'In a free country,' he says, 'you do not need the government's permission to travel. My goal is to visit Independence Hall by flying to Philadelphia, but I will refuse to show identification. Before airport security was federalized in 2001, I was free to do this, but not anymore.' Contacts: Russell Kanning: (603) 357-2049, Kat Dillon (same number), Mike Fisher (603) 498-7935."

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