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05/25/2005 Archived Entry: "Virginia Watchdog Site"

Claire Wolfe latest blog entry is smokin'! I reprint it here in full and recommend that everyone visit her site, read the archives -- and put it on your "favorites" list while you're at it. Today Claire writes, VIRGINIA WATCHDOG. Now here's a real alpha maddog. B.J. Ostergren is mad that government agencies are putting our SSNs and other most-personal information online. And she's taking the most personal steps to stop them. She links to online public records that contain the SSNs of people like Tom DeLay and Jeb Bush. Here's an article about her from today's WashPost. (Courtesy of Richard M. Smith) Here's the Virginia Watchdog website. As a sample of the Ostregren maddog style, here's her letter to Jeb Bush after he got his own SSN "scrubbed from the public record but left other peoples' SSNs in plain sight. Just for the hell of it: the SSN of CIA director Porter J. Goss: 041-30-4161. The people who want to spy on us are the ones who most richly deserve to be "outed." What's sauce for the goose ...

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