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04/27/2005 Archived Entry: "Steve Jobs, idiot"

Sometimes Steve Jobs is an idiot. This is one of those times. Confronted with an unauthorized biography of Jobs, Apple Computer has ordered all its stores to remove all books by the publisher, John Wiley & Sons. This, of course, merely inconveniences Apple customers, while generating oceans of free publicity for the book on CNN, ABC, Yahoo, and scads of other media outlets.

Ol' Steve must think -- or wish -- that he's running one of those African countries where criticizing the president is a criminal offense. Refuse to stock the book, I can understand. Retaliate against the publisher? Doesn't sit well with most Americans (or Canadians, or Europeans...) Looking over my shoulder, I'm glad to see some Wiley books on my shelf, including the Red Hat 8 Linux Bible and the PHP Bible. I like their "Bible" computer books. Maybe I'll go buy another...or maybe I'll buy the Jobs bio. —brad

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