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04/15/2005 Archived Entry: "Satellite surveillance"

Steve from LiveJournal reports on the latest technological threat to privacy. He writes, If you go to CNN’s website tonight, you will see a story about google’s new map search service. Basically, the company has integrated satellite technology into their map-searching site, and now you can get ACTUAL photographs beamed directly from somewhere in space. This section of the page just launched a day or two ago, and already many people are upset because they feel, for some reason, having satellite mapping software on the web that gives basic users the ability to stare at the roof of someone else’s house is an invasions of privacy (Sheesh, what prudes.) Anyway, with my interest peaked, I decided to check out the controversial technology. Upon going to http://maps.google.com, I immediately COULD NOT find the link to this so-called satellite mapping. Little did I know, however, that google had cleverly hid it in plain view on the upper right hand side of the page. It had been disguised under the link name “satellite,” which I understand is actually a German word meaning “I want to look into your house now." For full article, click here.

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