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04/06/2005 Archived Entry: "Viva underdog!"

Today, thanks to PJ at Groklaw (where I saw the links), a celebration of the underdog.

First, the story of David Zamos, a college student in Ohio, who was sued by Microsoft for selling his unused software on eBay. Rather than take the easy road and settle -- as have so many of Microsoft's, the RIAA's, and the MPAA's "easy targets" -- Zamos decided to fight back, in court and in the media.

And won.

Even more inspiring is this story of four high-school students from Arizona -- undocumented Mexican immigrants -- who entered the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center's Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition. And won. At the college level. Against a team from MIT, among others.

Think of these four when you hear someone grumbling about illegal immigrants. And consider a donation to their scholarship fund. These guys get no government aid at all....and talent and dedication like theirs deserves support.


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