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03/25/2005 Archived Entry: "Inconclusive DNA?"

A strange case of inconclusive DNA testing...over and over and over again. Question: if this were not a paternity case involving a Bush brother and if the tests weren't being conducted in Texas, would the results become suddenly conclusive? Story from New York Post as follows....

SHARON Bush is trying to settle the defamation lawsuit brought against her by Robert Andrews, whose ex-wife, Maria, left him for Sharon's ex-husband, presidential brother Neil Bush. But DNA tests that have been done on Maria's 3-year-old son have been inconclusive. Robert sued Sharon, claiming she was telling everyone that Neil was the boy's father. "I have been trying to work out a settlement that is true but no agreement has been reached," Sharon told PAGE SIX. "If we are not able to reach an agreement, I am prepared to take the case to court and let a jury decide." Three DNA tests have been done to establish paternity, but all came back "inconclusive," said Sharon, adding, "I am in favor of finding out the truth, and clearly it can't be based on flawed test results. It's like a pregnancy test you either are or you're not. It is almost impossible for them to not have an answer. The state of DNA testing in Texas has become a shameful scandal."

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